Roasted sliced bread “Bruschetta”with Fresh Tomatoes and Basil
Mixed Cold Cuts with homemade fried dumpling and mature Asiago cheese
Marinated salmon with ginger oil and melon
Sea bass Carpaccio with cedar, mint and cherry tomatoes 
Octopus tentacles with tomato carpaccio, caper flowers and lemon
Shrimps Salad with chervil, spicy oil and pineapple
MAIN dishes

Lasagne Bolognaise 
Homemade Macaroni Noodleswith fresh tuna, mint and lemon
Gluten Free Corn Noodleswith bolete mushrooms and thyme
ThinWholegrain Noodleswith Garda lake Whitefish and Oil Garda 
Kamut Spaghetti Carbonara  Style
Ravioli with Pumpkin, Butter,  Parmesan cheese and Sage
Spaghetti with clams, Parsley and lemon

The Rice Corner  
Lemon Risotto with  Garda Lake Caper flowers
Risotto with  with  courgette flowers,  cherry tomatoes, ricotta cheese and mint
Risottowith  Shrimps tailsand pepper cream
Basmati RicewithShrimps, Chicken, Vegetables, Curcuma and Coconut Milk
MAIN courses
Steamed Garda Lake Whitefish with Sirmionese style Sauce
Duck Breast with Port wine with melon, ginger and rice pilaf
Giant  Milanes Cutlet Gluten free Breaded with French Fries
Prawns with cucumber paprika and basmati rice
Seared tuna with apple crudité and mint
Mixed fried Seafood with Gluten Free Flour
Grilled Beef Steak 
Beef  Medallion with chanterelles and Valpollicella Ripasso wine sauce
Double size Entrecote  with grilled vegetables
Grilled vegetables
Mixed salad
French fries
Baked potatoes
Big vegetable Buffet of the day
until 10 y.o.!)
Noodles with Tomato sauce – Meat sauce – Butter  
Ravioli with cream
Fried cutlet with french Fries
Grilled Chicken breast with french Fries
Hamburger and french Fries
Pizza Margherita tomato and Mozzarella cheese
Pizza with Ham, Tomato and Mozzarella cheese