Bruschetta - Roasted sliced bread with Fresh Tomatoes and Basil
Sliced raw beef Carpaccio  with pecorino cheese and black Truffle
Pike Mantovana Style with Polenta
Octopus with rosemary with celery cream
Mixed Cold Cuts with fried dumplings
Marinated Salmon with fennel and juniper
Burratina with tomatoes, oregano and zucchini 
Polenta with porcini mushrooms and thyme
MAIN dishes
Lemon Risotto with Garda lake Lemon and Caper flowers
Risotto artichokes with saffron ice cream and speck powder
Garganelli noodles with porcini mushrooms
Taglierini noodles with Garda lake whitefish and fried artichokes
Spelled soup with vegetables
Mais noodles with savoy cabbage, fresh Bacon and cheese
Kamut grain Spaghetti Carbonara style
Ravioli with pumpkin, sage and toasted almonds
Macaroni with clams, lime and parsley
MAIN courses
Double size Entrecote grilled with Vegetables
Braised pillow with fresh polenta
Beef  Medallions with Groppello wine
Grilled Beef steak
Mixed fried Seafood with gluten free Flour
Backed Garda lake whitefish Sirmionese sauce
Baked Sea bass with artichokes and olives
Skewer au gratin with gluten-free bread and orange 
Cod braised 
Giant Cutlet Milanese with French Fries
Grilled vegetables
Mixed salad
French fries
Baked potatoes
Big vegetable Buffet of the day
until 10 y.o.!)
Noodles with Tomato sauce – Meat sauce – Butter  
Ravioli with cream
Fried cutlet with french Fries
Grilled Chicken breast with french Fries
Hamburger and french Fries
Pizza Margherita tomato and Mozzarella cheese
Pizza with Ham, Tomato and Mozzarella cheese